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BBAV Studios is honored to work with couples as they plan their wedding day. With twenty-five years experience between us, we will work hard to make sure your special day is preserved beautifully. We can do everything from highlight videos to a full coverage video of your wedding.

Live Events

We are proud to partner with events of all sizes to produce high-quality records and curriculum content. We cover a wide range of events, including concerts, conferences, speaking, ministry, music, talent shows, school productions, and many others.

Video Production

Our trained team can take your vision and translate into a beautifully realized video. From location to editing, we will work with you to translate your idea into the visual realm.

Promotional Videos

Want to stand out? We can produce promotional videos to meet a variety of needs. We work hard to take the vision for your brand and your event, and turn it into a tangible video promotion.

Educational Videos

BBAV Studios loves to work with local organizations to produce educational material that can be distributed as part of an existing or new course of study.

Editing Services

Give us your footage, we can make it a fully realized video. Our team of experienced editors will work with you to cut, normalize, color grade, and finalize your video to your vision.


BBAV Studios is a video and photography company.  Passionate about the community and the technical arts, the BBAV Studios team has dedicated many years to helping others within the Rocky Mountain region with their numerous technical projects, both large and small. Our skilled team has handled weddings, talent shows, and even large conferences using their state-of-the-art, high-definition equipment. Furthermore, before the media ever reaches its final destination, the BBAV Studios team ensures that the media goes through an intense fine-tuning process, always involving the client in order to make certain that it fits your needs.

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